Touring Companion’s rules are designed to make the most of your dating experience with any of our modelsas pleasant and smooth as possible. We ask that as a client you take the time to familiarize yourself with our policies as talked about below to ensure that your encounters are as pleasant and smooth as possible.

1. Gentlemanly conduct
As with any service in which you engage, spending time with a companion will yield the best results when you are respectful and pleasant. When you treat your companion the same as you would like to be treated only good things will result. Such ethics ensure positive experiences and a companion’s desire to see you again.

2. Talk of sexual activity is prohibited
Doing so could be considered as a solicitation for prostitution which is illegal. This includes your contact with us via email or phone. Touring Companions neither condones nor promotes illegal activity of any kind.

3. Method of Contact
We do not accept phone calls from private numbers or pay phones. All forms of communication by email or phone that we deem to be a solicitation will be ignored. For legal reasons, we retain the right to refuse any appointment request as deemed necessary.

4. Personal hygiene is critical
Cleanlinessis of utmost importance to all of our models. Shower immediately prior to your appointment, freshen your breath and arrive wearingclean, orderly clothing. All of our ladies practice good hygiene and naturally expect the same from clients. Touring Companions retains the right to refuse any appointment.If at the time that a client arrives his personal hygiene does not meet with the model’s standard, she may opt to terminate the appointment.

5. Discretion is paramount
Touring Companions prides itself on maintaining strict confidentiality of all its clients and companions. We expect the same reverence from you. Our models’ private lives and families are as important to them as yours are to you. Mutual consideration and hospitality are expected.

6. Ethics
Please do not approach a companion at any time during her tenure with Touring Companions to request an arrangementto see her on the side. Such action would be grounds for dismissal from Touring Companions. Please do not pressure a model for her phone number. Such action would be grounds for dismissal from Touring Companions for both client and model.All the ladies on the Touring Companions website are professional escorts. Any fee mentioned or collected is for their time and companionship only. Touring Companions acts as an exclusive dating club in arranging meetings between consenting adults for time and friendship only. Touring Companions will not be held responsible for any matters beyond which it has no control. Anything implied or inferred within the pages of this website must not be considered as inducement for payment for anything other than escorts’ time and companionship.

7. Placement of Fees
Our fees are nonnegotiable. Please respect our rates. Without discussion, exact consideration should be placed inside an envelope and placed on the bathroom countertop with five minutes of your arrival. Our ladies are not expected to discuss consideration at any time during an appointment. Tips are not required. However, if you are so inclined, you may provide a gratuity.

8. Your appointment
When scheduling an appointment it is best to book as far in advance as possible in order to secure the time and date that best suits you. Each time you call you will be required to provide us with your first and last name as it appears on your driver’s license or passport. You will also need to tell us your occupation as well as provide proof of samealong with your driver’s license to the companion. All documentation must correspond with your name as shown on your driver’s license and the name of the company for which you work. Please telephone us at least one hour prior to your appointment to confirm arrival. Please call if you will be late. Our ladies will do the same.

9. Honorable behavior
When contacting Touring Companions disrespectful, lewd or indiscreet language or messages will not warrant response. If your behavior is considered objectionable when communicating with Touring Companions, you will be denied access to our services. If your behavior is considered objectionable at any time during your appointment with an escort,she will retain the right to immediately terminate your appointment and leave. There will be no refunds.

10. Safety
Touring Companions is a safety-conscious agency. Our ladies abide by strict rules to avoid practices that may compromise the health and safety of themselves and their clients. Use good judgment.

11. Reviews
If you are happy with our service, we encourage you to write a review. In an effort to adhere to Touring Companions’ high quality of service it is mandatory that we review your feedback prior to posting. Format for reviews should follow that of other review boards such as, or any other popular escort review board.