Agency Information Exchange

Do you own or operate a modeling agency and refer models to clients for work? You’ll be thrilled to know that our Agency Information Exchange is provided as free way for you to easily login and find out about any blacklisted providers or blacklisted clients.

A few clicks is all it takes to avoid blacklisted clients, prevent undesirable models from ruining your business and keep everyone informed of any problem-people who you discover. The system uses real names and information to avoid alias confusion and is already doing a great job reducing the headaches some agencies have dealt with for years, while making the entire companion experience better than ever for the caring, professional people who make this such a great business to be in together.

Dealing with unethical models who ignore their drop responsibilities, fail to show up on time for appointments, present a poor attitude toward clients, exchange information to accept work outside the scope of their agency agreements, jump from agency to agency under various names and engage in other unsavory behavior is never easy. The Agency Information Exchange we provide uses real names, recent photos and the full explanation of why each model is on the black list. It also allows you to add your own black list to share information with other ethical providers easily regarding models or clients you believe should be avoided in the future.

There is no need to wait for a reply, or to guess about a new model or client. Use this system online any time to quickly search by name, phone number or email address and find out right away if someone is the kind of person you should be listing.

Contact us any time to find out more about our Agency Information Exchange. We do require you to disclose your website, provide agency reviews and take part in our direct contact screening process prior to gaining free access. Thanks for your interest and time helping to make this industry even better than ever!