Independent Escort Service in Richmond & Virginia Beach


Give me romance or give me death. Well, not exactly but our GFE escorts do enrich the lives of many gentlemen who need an intimate break from the fast flow of the River City. Every now and then it is a good idea to nourish your manhood with a passionate muse familiar with your desires inside and out. In fact, our patrons are quite spoiled with the loveliness and attractiveness of our elegant companions, expecting nothing less than the best. With striking looks like that of high society complemented by refreshing demeanors so relaxed and carefree, possibilities are endless. Thanks to TOFTT (taking one for the team),As a classic courtesan, she’ll accompany you to your social engagement followed by a delicious nitecap of flirtatious dining praising you like every companion should. Touring Companions is the Fortune 500 of escort services because we honor our patrons, listening to their whims and fancies. Can’t you just feel the love?


Heard of the old adage, ‘Virginia is for Lovers’? We are the epicureans of romance, a luxury escort service you’ve come to know and love as Touring Companions. Down where the South begins, we make sure that our gentlemen friends find the most distinctive, devastatingly gorgeous independent escorts that Virginia has to offer. Talking about the finer subtleties, stunning, natural beauty of a lady does not lie. The nectar sweetness of her scent raptures you while the lean curvaceousness of her figure mesmerizes you. Charismatic companion without a doubt, such a courtesan captivates a man with her intimate and elegant manner to total the consummate GFE escort. It’s as though you have known each other forever – long lost friends brought together like no time had gone by. Sensuality at its finest, such a romantic liaison is about as real as it gets. What more could a gentleman ask for?

Virginia Beach 

The Resort City has an alter ego pulsating with lively GFE escorts who love to entertain discreetly within the conventions of society. These lovely companions thrive in the private worlds of their gentlemen admirers, bringing a new twist to entertainment in this tourist attraction. Whether basking by the pool or strolling along the beach, your head-turning companion will arrest you in her string bikini and honey-smooth skin. By night, she’ll bewitch you in a classic, figure-hugging dress with whispers of lace beneath. A romantic evening filled with superb dining and coquettish conversation with your independent escort is only the precursor to sweet sensations forthcoming. It’s just the two of you creating a fusion of passion that inspires all of your senses. A gentleman needs to experience a sensual rebirth that kindles a flame, giving him a new lease on life. What other escort service takes your happiness so seriously?