Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down Ratings

Touring Companions offers three tiers of membership designed to suit the needs of every gentleman. Whether you are new to the realm of sensual dating, curious to date more beautiful women or are a seasoned mover and shaker, Touring Companions promises the crème de la crème of breathtaking ladies. Touring Companions is a community built on trust and discretion. That’s why we use a simple Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down system allowing models to rate clients. As you can see in the Membership Tiers explained below, getting a thumbs-up is an important way to move up your rating, while a thumbs-down can cause your rating to slide back down and change the tear of your membership.If a member likes to rate his companion, we also provide feedback sections where members can offer their views about a model after their meeting. A Thumbs Up from a model is based on their experience with you and includes factors like personal hygiene, manners and generosity. By sharing information, we can all help to make sure that only friendly and respectful people are part of our community.

Guest Access

Enjoy a light version of our exceptional group of international models. It is more of a tease, really, a segway into full status membership. Choose from three tiers of membership to fulfill those manly needs and desires. Register to become a subscriber.

Silver Tier I

Just getting your toes wet in the provocative world of top shelf models here at Touring Companions? The more you see the more you will want! Becoming a subscriber is just the beginning. Registerper state to view model travel itineraries and blurred photos. View model rates associated with Subscriber Membership. Complete one successful appointment to be eligible to apply for Standard Membership. Receive the TC Newsletter (optional). Your appointment must be booked thru new member form
Once you get your first “thumbs up” rating from a provider in the Touring Companions community you will be upgraded to a Gold Tier (Member) for free

Gold Tier II

Standard membership brings you one step closer to the pinnacle of the TC experience beginning with Standard Member’s discount rates. View model travel itineraries in the state in which you are registered. Request to view other states. View and post feedbacks. Receive the TC Newsletter (optional). Successfully receive five thumbs up, from five different models to be eligible for VIP status after your sixth thumbs up date. To truly enter the inner circle of our elite group of ladies, read on to VIP Membership. All appointments must be booked thru returning member formBeing a Gold Tier Member lets every model know that you have already gotten a thumbs-up from a model in the past, had a great time together, and that the other models you hired have spoken highly of you. You don’t have to become a Gold Tier Member unless you want to, but if you want all these great advantages, just ask your model to contact us to give a thumbs-up about you after your time together is completed. It’s free, and it’s so easy!

VIP Members
Platinum Tier III

The apex of TC membership, VIP status will indulge you with unbelievable perks. Receive exclusive discount rates tiered upon frequency of service – the more you date the more discount you receive! View model travel itineraries and rates for all states. Enjoy access to unblurred and uncensored photos. Enjoy feedbacks written by our trustfully members and post your own feedback. Receive the TC Newsletter (optional). As a loyal member who has gotten 5 Thumbs-Up reports from 5 different Touring Companions models, your account upgraded for free to VIP Member Status! You can also book your appointments via the Returning Member Form online or you can call touring companions for concierge service by phone. We value all of your feedback and will always do our best to satisfy your requests!


(Gold Tier or VIP Members Only)

Many people rely on the well-written reviews of others on outside source when deciding which services you choose and which models to hire. We understand that, and so do each of our models. For that reason, if you are a Gold Tier Member or a Platinum Member, you can get even greater discounts by posting reviews on the major review sites like The Erotic ReviewBig Doggie NaughtyReviews, Best GFE, etc.…
We also arrange a limited number of TOFTT (Take One For The Team) appointments at reduced rates to help new models get reviews and establish a reputation for excellence in new locations.
To participate in our TOFTT program, you must be a Gold or Platinumtier member and when you book using return member form include a link to a review that you have created on one of major review boards of a privies provider you seen from Touring Companions club.
To see how many TOFTT appointments still available from model please check on her personal page under specials tab. There you will find other specials that model may have for a Turing Companions members
It’s a very simple way to save even more while putting a big smile on your favorite model’s face. Just contact us to learn more and we will help you at every step along the way. When great models get great reviews, everybody wins!