Touring Companions offers membership designed to suit the needs of every gentleman. Whether you are new to the realm of sensual dating, curious to date more beautiful women or are a seasoned mover and shaker, Touring Companions promises the crème de la crème of breathtaking Companions. Touring Companions is a community built on trust and discretion. After completing registration process all screening information is destroyed for discretion purposes. You will become a member of TC community and will be able to build your reputation by receiving thumps up from companions in TC community.

Thumbs Up Ratings

Thumbs Up Rating system allowing models to vouch for a client. When you book the appointment, companion will be able to see your thumps up and know which Touring Companions member vouch for you. the more thumps up you have the more trustfully you become to companions. A Thumbs Up from a companion is based on their experience with you and includes factors like personal hygiene, manners and generosity. Companion will only be able to give you thumps up once.
As you can see in the Membership Tiers explained below, getting a thumbs-up is an important way to move up the tear of your membership


After you complete your registration process and accepted to TC community you will be given a subscriber statues. When you are a subscriber models will know that you are a new member and verified by Touring Companions screening team. Subscriber is just getting your toes wet in the provocative world of top shelf models here at Touring Companions! The more you see the more you will want! Becoming a subscriber is just the beginning. Complete one successful appointment to be eligible to apply for Standard Membership.
1) Subscribers will Receive the TC Newsletter (optional).
2) Your appointment must be booked thru new member form.
Once you get your first “thumbs up” rating from a provider in the Touring Companions community you will be upgraded to a Member statues.


Standard membership brings you one step closer to the pinnacle of the TC experience
1) View model travel itineraries in the state in which you are registered.
2) Members can request to view other states. (if they are traveling for business or leisure)
3) Touring Companion members are able to view and post feedbacks about time spend with Companions
4) Members have access to PM (private messaging) system. Member can Send pm to the companion or support.
5) Members receive the TC Newsletter (optional).
Successfully receive five thumbs up, from five different companions and your membership will become VIP status.


The apex of TC membership is VIP status! It shows companion that you are established member of the community. Many Companions participate in providing exclusive discount rates to our VIP members