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New Member Screening Process
Now is the time to get excited and begin planning your encounter. You are but a few clicks away from realizing your first date with an intoxicating muse from Touring Companions. Screening is an easy and confidential process that ensures the comfort and safety of all parties involved. Feel confident knowing that we always adhere to utmost discretion and discard your information once the process is complete. There are three methods of screening that we accept, with emphasis on provider references:

Provider References
We require a minimum of three references from established, reviewed providers. All data provided must correspond with details on her website and advertisements.

Discussion Boards
We accept board handles from TER, P411 and RS2K. Please note that questionable accounts may be subject to additional screening.

Employment Verification
If you are new to organized dating, forums and boards or do not have experience with other providers, employment verification is a final resort. We are skilled experts at maintaining your privacy by using an incognito approach when contacting your place of employment. Your information will be discarded upon completion. Providing any of the following additional details will expedite the process:

  • Company website address
  • Your company profile URL
  • Work email that includes company name
  • Company phone number that directs to your extension

If you do not feel comfortable with any of the above methods, email is an option. To ensure a quick and easy process and minimal email dialogue, please take care to provide all information requested under your selected method of screening.